BDS is an application developed by CSAV Group System Division to carry out the tasks involved in shipping transportation, it is to say, to have an application from the moment a Customer makes a reservation to ship its cargo until it reaches its destination.

The objectives proposed for the System are:

BDS is a Multicompany System, this means that serves all the CSAV Group Carriers, allowing registering and controlling the information requested to carry out efficiently the processes involved in the shipping bussiness.  The information is registered in a common data base, to which the access is controlled by a security System.

The system is structured in the following modules:

BDS interacts with other applications, which are a source of information and/or vice versa.  The applications that interact with the BDS System are: Tariff, CAM, Oracle Financial, Receivables Control System (RCS), OFA (Oracle Financial Analyzer), Partners, Itineraries and Global tables.

In order to use BDS the user must have installed on the PC the following software:

(a) Internet Explorer 6.0 or above: BDS must be accessed through Internet Explorer (IE) but not other internet browsers (e.g. Netscape). IE 6.x or above is recommended.  However IE 6.x is not very stable under Window 98.  For Window 98 users, please access BDS with IE 5.5.

(b) Acrobat Reader: BDS report is displayed on screen through Acrobat Reader. In this connection, user must install the Acrobat Reader if it is not available.